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About Dr. Rick Goodman,CSP: Consultant, Author, Speaker, Trainer

About Dr. Rick Goodman

Since 1988, Dr. Rick Goodman has been keynote speaking, facilitating and working with small companies with only a few people all the way up to big behemoths that dominate their industries.

Rick’s presentations are based on real-life experiences with one focus – for audiences and attendees to achieve transformational results in their lives!

In 2008, Dr Rick Goodman wrote a widely acclaimed book – “Living a Championship Life: A Game Plan for Success,” based on my experiences while serving as a medical staff member of the St. Louis Rams (NFL) and the St. Louis Ambush (ISL).

Dr Rick’s keynotes are high-energy and jam-packed full of content that anyone can immediately implement into their life.

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I have a great “job,” and I truly like working with people who want to become the best version of themselves.

I’ll ask you questions that will make you scratch your head, and maybe even squirm a little.  I’ll make you think and then, think harder.  My questions and stories will help you become a better leader, and that means you’ll have a better life. Your better life improves the lives of all the people around you — your families, your employees, your buyers and even your neighbors.

By influencing one leader – one person, we experience the butterfly effect where many lives improve!

I challenge and train leaders to:

* Think more clearly.

* Act more decisively.

* Interact more effectively.

Bottom line:  Transform  Optimize  Accelerate

National Speaker’s Association

Dr. Rick is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFPS) and is a board member of the Florida Speakers Association (FSA).

Whether delivering a keynote address or a full-day program, Dr. Rick’s programs give your audience specific tools and systems that enable them to achieve great results.

Discover more about Dr. Rick’s Programs, or contact him directly at 1-888-267-6098.

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