A Whirlwind of Activity

by Dr. Rick Goodman on April 14, 2007

The last three months have been a whirlwind of activity I have spoken in Lincoln, Nebraska, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Erie Pennsylvania in the next three months my schedule’s busier than ever before. I’ll be covering Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Indiana, Vermont, Mississippi, North Carolina and back to Maine again. I’m really looking forward to that Maine lobster to tell you the truth.
Life has been taking on a new and exciting turn in the last three months.Our new seminar company Advantage Legal Seminars has just been approved for its audio and live seminars in its 10th state and is rapidly growing. Soon we will be adding three new programs from highly respected attorneys. The website is also being overhauled with a brand-new look and can be found by going to www.advantagelegalseminars.com.
My new article Striving for Excellence “What We Do and the People We Touch” has just been published in the Florida Society for Ambulatory Surgical Centers spring magazine called Surgiwatch which can be found on their website at www.fsasc.org the article examines just how important the doctors, nurses and administrators are to a healthcare organization.
The best part about today, though, is I’m done working and I have accomplished my goals and objectives for the day. Right now I’m getting ready to go to the Florida Marlins game with my best friend Mitch, who I’ve known since sixth grade it doesn’t get much better. I’m designing my day in creating my life!
Now it’s time for you to create the life you want, “You Have the Ability to Choose”! If you don’t believe you have the ability to choose. Read my newest article titled. You have the ability to choose at https://www.rickgoodman.com/site/you-have-the-ability-to-choose.html.
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Dr. Rick GoodmanA Whirlwind of Activity