A Super Bowl Champion Is a Champion Once Again!

by Dr. Rick Goodman on December 9, 2008

In my keynote programs I regularly tell stories about individuals I know who have achieved great things in life. In fact in my book Living a Championship Life “A Game Plan for Success” I have a chapter on one of my good friends and former patients Michael Jones of the St. Louis Rams.

As some of you might remember Michael Jones made the winning tackle in the Super Bowl in one of the most memorable plays in sports history. However in the book I spoke about Michael’s determination,integrity and character in all aspects of his life.

Well Michael did it again on Friday night November 29, 2008 as the interim coach of the Hazelwood East football team he helped the Spartans to win the Missouri class five championship game. The interesting thing is he did it in typical fashion winning the game on the last play with no time left his quarterback threw a Hail Mary that was caught in the end zone to give his team the victory 39-34 which was the schools third title.

Michael is an example of all that’s good about pro football and how an athlete can inspire a team and a community to achieve greatness and I am glad to call him my friend.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanA Super Bowl Champion Is a Champion Once Again!