A Dichotomy of Opinions “The Problems Facing The Major Networks”

by Dr. Rick Goodman on October 16, 2008

I don’t know if you’re like me but as an American citizen looking forward to the opportunity to vote in the upcoming election. We are facing a number of issues most importantly the economy and the pessimistic attitude of most Americans towards the elections.

For just one time I would like to watch a news broadcast without getting the spin from one of the talking heads. As an independent voter and communication specialist I want to listen to what’s truly being said . This is why God gave me two ears and a brain to think, I resent being told by my the news channels and I just heard something different.

Anybody who’s watched Fox news knows that this channel leans towards the Republican point of view. When I watch CNN I am surprised lately at how liberal their stance is when reporting the media events of the day, it’s almost as if they were a Democratic talking head. This was truly evident in the debate last night especially with the new twist of scoring the debate that the channel uses.

I particularly got a kick out of Roland Martin! When it was time for Barak Obamas opening remark Mr. Martin hit the plus one button when Senator Obama said thank you Hofstra University. His scorecard looked like a football game score 54-40 something in favor Obama. If the sender breathes does he get points?

Finally I turned to NBC news where Tom Browkow and Brian Williams were discussing the debate. I believe that Tom Browkow was the first news man on all the channels that I flipped through last night that actually had an unbiased opinion! This frankly was the most refreshing 20 minutes of news I watched all day.

I truly believe that the American people are smart enough to make their own decisions about their lives without the interference of government or the positive and negative spins that all news reporting agencies have been using in this election.

It almost makes you want to turn off the news and watch a good movie!

That’s if Hollywood can make some good movies these days!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanA Dichotomy of Opinions “The Problems Facing The Major Networks”