7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Keynote Speaker Episode 21

7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Keynote Speaker Episode 21

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 21, 2019

Seven Questions to Ask Your Potential Keynote Speaker

Hiring a keynote speaker for your next conference or meeting is a critical decision which can affect the overall outcome and success of the meeting. There are many ways to screen for potential keynote speaker and in this episode of the solutions oriented leader podcast I’m going to share with you seven questions that you can ask your potential keynote speaker that will enhance your screening process so that you can make the right choice!


  1. Ask the speaker how they prepare for their presentation. What is their methodology and how do they deliver their programs?


  1. Find out what the speaker will do to make the presentation memorable for all attendees. Ask them to give you several concrete examples.


  1. Find out if they interact with their audience and if they do, how did they go about it?


  1. Ask them about their background and professional credentials. Also, their general life experiences are important, especially if they’re going to be speaking internationally.


  1. Asked him what other speakers they admire especially in the industry. This will help you determine their familiarity with your industry and your attendees.


  1. Asked them how long they feel they’re speak should be. You never want to have a challenge with someone who runs overtime or someone who does not have enough information to present an entire keynote speech.


  1. Lastly, asked them why they should be chosen as the keynote speaker for your event. You want to hear their elevator speech big is a good speaker will be able to give their pitch in a short burst.


Choosing a keynote speaker represents a major commitment-So make sure to vent your candidates thoroughly to ensure the success of your meeting.


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Dr. Rick Goodman7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Keynote Speaker Episode 21