4 Ways To Conquer Productivity Killers Episode 24

4 Ways to Conquer Productivity Killers Episode 24

by Dr. Rick Goodman on August 27, 2019

If you are like me there have been many times when you’ve worked hard a whole day and felt like you got nothing accomplished. There were distractions, meetings and drains on your time. I call these the productivity killers that live in your workplace.

On today’s episode of the Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast we are going to discuss four ways that you can conquer productivity killers and create more time to accomplish your most important goals and objectives with ease.

The 4 ways to conquer your productivity Killers:


  1. Use a time log to track your time and find out what the biggest drain on your productivity and time are throughout the week. If you do this I guarantee you will find several hours of wasted time that you can refocus to be more productive in the future.


  1. Give yourself a break! Taking a break throughout the day for as little as 10 minutes can help increase your productivity and decrease your stress levels. Go out and get some fresh air, stretcher muscles and come back ready to rock.


  1. Make sure that your meetings are productive. Wherever I speak I hear CEOs and leaders complain about the number of meetings and the time that is wasted in them. Make sure that you have a focused agenda and you know what you want to accomplish before you even begin the meeting. As many people know I’m also a big fan of the morning huddle a 15 minute meeting three times a week accomplishes a lot more than a long drawn out meeting in the middle of the day.


4. Start with the one task that you dislike the most often is one of the most important tasks that you can accomplish in a day. Another great thing to do is tackle 3 to 4 mini tasks which will also give you motivation and make you feel good about yourself.



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Dr. Rick Goodman4 Ways to Conquer Productivity Killers Episode 24