Building Team Trust and Ownership

Building Team Trust and Ownership

by Dr. Rick Goodman on November 13, 2014

As a leader and team builder it’s imperative that we build trust with our team members if we are to build a successful team! In order to build trust I find that it’s best to delegate tasks and projects to specific people on the team so they can also experience leadership roles and individual victories.

When this happens the team is strengthened, trust is built and each member of the team feels a sense of ownership in the project and the company.

I have found that there are four key elements in this process that went following give you the best opportunity for success.

1. Delegate tasks to a team member and outline the importance of the task and the specific outcome that you desire.
2. Fully support them in all areas needed to complete the task.
3. Remove all barriers to success.
4. Celebrate their Success!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanBuilding Team Trust and Ownership