The Art of Successful Negotiation

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 14, 2014

In this live webinar, you will the learn the process of win-win negotiation, active listening skills, negotiation communication skills, as well as how you can apply this model to your own negotiations. Dr. Rick Goodman teaches this course on the Art of Negotiation.


-The Process of Win-Win Negotiations
-Understanding and Utilizing Basic Negotiation Concepts
-Communication Skills for Negotiators: Rapport Building
-Active Listening Skills
-Communication Skills for Negotiators: Speaking Compellingly
-Managing Your Voice in Negotiation
-Meeting Special Challenges
-Follow Up – Holding the Agreements in Place – The Forgotten
Element in Negotiations
-Applying the Model to Your Own Negotiation

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Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Art of Successful Negotiation