10 Reasons to Hire a Transformational Leadership Expert

10 Reasons to Hire a Transformational Leadership Expert

by Dr. Rick Goodman on September 30, 2019

A transformational leadership expert may be just the right person to help you facilitate meaningful shifts in your company culture, your mission-mindedness, even your productivity. Indeed, when you hire a transformational leadership expert to assess your business needs and growth areas, you position your entire team to summit the next level of success.

Maybe you’re still on the fence about enlisting a transformational leadership consultant. Let me try to persuade you, or at least open your mind a little, with 10 of the top benefits to hiring transformational leadership expert.

Why Hire a Transformational Leadership Expert?Why Hire a Transformational Leadership Expert?

  1. It allows you to define what transformational leadership really is, and how it can improve your team’s day-to-day functionality. Transformational leadership isn’t necessarily new, but it does remain ill-defined in the minds of many professionals. When you enlist a consultant who has real expertise in this field, it enables you to clearly set the parameters of what transformational leadership is and why it’s worth pursuing. Often, this clarity is sufficient for generating buy-in and enthusiasm from your team members.
  2. A transformational leadership expert brings independence and credibility. It’s important for executives and business leaders to support the effort, but ultimately, having an outsider come in and provide an unbiased take on your company’s needs and growth opportunities can go a long way toward convincing any holdouts. This is especially true if your transformational leadership expert has an impressive track record helping other businesses and teams.
  3. When you hire a consultant, you can get a fair assessment. You’re naturally going to feel very close to your business, perhaps enough so that you’ll not really feel like you can get a clear view of where you need to step up the leadership game. An outside expert can help you to fairly and precisely vet your current leadership structures and identify areas for improvement.
  4. An expert will help you set benchmarks and define metrics. So you say you want to become a better leader. Good for you! But how are you going to monitor your progress? When will you declare that your efforts have proven successful, or deduce that you’re going down the wrong path? An outside expert will be able to help you set up some clear standards.
  5. A consultant can show you some examples of transformational leadership in action. If you’re looking for some thought leadership examples or thought leadership strategies that can help you envision your own improvements, a consultant will be able to furnish you with some.
  6. A transformational leadership consultant will customize their coaching to meet your needs.A consultant will customize their coaching to meet your needs. This is one of the main areas why it’s important to actually enlist a coach/consultant as opposed to merely reading blogs or watching videos; sooner or later, you’ve got to move past generalizations and embrace a specific program that addresses your particular strengths and weaknesses. It’s so critical to remember that transformational leadership isn’t one-size-fits-all, and the cookie-cutter approach just won’t work. Seek the help of someone who can offer you an individualized agenda for improvement.
  7. You can initiate big change from the top of your organization to the bottom. I’m generally a believer that cultural change starts at the bottom of the organization and works its way up, but this is one area where I think the opposite can be true. Equipped with the right training, you can effectively lead by example, and provide the kind of transparency and continuous improvement mindset that will inspire your whole team.
  8. Having a leadership consultant can be cost saving. For those worried about the affordability of a leadership consultant, I’d simply note that a transformational leadership mentality can be tremendously beneficial to your team’s overall efficiency. Just one example of this? Transformational leadership can help you bolster employment engagement, which in turn can reduce turnover costs.
  9. You can get started with some thought leadership examples of your own. Once you start to unlock the possibilities of the leadership mindset, it will help you to better understand the specific value you can deliver to peers and colleagues. This can be vital for helping you implement transformational leadership strategies.
  10. Working with an expert opens the door to continuous improvement. The last comment I’ll make about working with a leadership expert is that this isn’t intended to be a short-lived endeavor. You may engage your consultant for a limited time, but hopefully he or she will put you on the road to a lot of ongoing improvement to your leadership style and to your team dynamics. In other words, a transformational leadership expert should assist you in getting better and better all the time, even after his or her consultancy work comes to a close.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Transformational Leadership?Are You Ready to Learn More About Solutions Oriented Leadership?

I could list many additional benefits to working with a leadership consultant or coach, and to getting serious about transformational leadership. At this point, though, what would be most helpful is if we talked one-on-one.

As an in-demand keynote speaker, coach, consultant, and transformational leadership expert, I have the pleasure of talking with many business owners and team leaders about their goals and needs. I’d love to talk with you, too. Reach out today and let’s set up a time to chat.

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Dr. Rick Goodman10 Reasons to Hire a Transformational Leadership Expert