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It all comes down to one thing: Your audience saying He was a GREAT speaker – I LOVED him!”

 “Dr. Rick made me laugh, gave me a tear or two, and shared stories to last a lifetime.”

“Since 2009, he’s been here every year, and he’s the only speaker we’ve ever invited to return.”

The majority of our time is spent REACTING – most of it totally unproductive.

Watch what happens when we assemble your team and shift into PROACTIVE MODE.  It creates AMAZING RESULTS!

“Dr. Rick is our official “Transformation Genius”, and with us at least once a quarter.  Don’t miss this incredible experience!”

After working with hundreds of clients, it comes down to 4 objectives that almost everyone wants:  Solutions, benefits, pain relief, and most importantly – RESULTS.

“Dr. Rick is a genius!  He masterfully transformed our team from a “customer service” mentality into a “client excellence” culture – all in just one day!



Dr. Rick Goodman will Transform! Optimize! and Accelerate! your team with dynamic and memorable presentations.

Employee Engagement Speaker


  • “Dr. Rick – You told me early on that your 2 main goals were to become part of our JRE team and to make me look great for finding you. You delivered on both promises! Here we are a week after your presentation and I’m still getting positive comments. My boss told me he felt the meeting was the best event we ever had pointing directly to your contribution!”

    James River Equipment
    Michael Lanham James River Equipment
  • “Your presentation was thought provoking, energetic, interactive, and left a lasting impression on all that attended.”

    Nancy Strong-Roberts
    Nancy Strong-Roberts Area Executive Director, American Cancer Society
  • “On behalf of the members of the NCBA, I want to extend our thanks for your participations in the 112th Annual Convention at The Atlantic, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The time you took out of your schedule to be with us was greatly appreciated and your meaningful presentation was well received by all in attendance. Again, thank you for helping make this even the success that is was!”

    Thad Woodard for Dr. Rick Goodman
    Thad Woodard President and CEO, North Carolina Bankers Association
  • “It is because of your interest and support that we are able to provide extensive leadership opportunities for our future business leaders.”

    Robert Smother Conference Manager, Future Business Leaders of America


Dr Rick Goodman employee engagement guide

t’s time to be part of the ”Solution Revolution” and join the thousands of leaders and companies throughout the world who are becoming solution-oriented leaders.

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What do all championship athletes and teams have in common with the world’s most successful people? They all have a game plan for the ultimate victory!

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